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You see the term wellness everywhere these days. It’s become such a popular buzzword that even diet plans are using it. There has also been a lot of focus on wellness in the workplace, and how happier, healthier employees can create a more productive environment that can enhance your business.


Considering that wellness may be a fairly new concept for a lot of people, it may not be easy for a business to figure out where to start. But according to a number of reports, wellness in the workplace may become a new norm, and it could help businesses grow throughout the next decade.


Workplace Wellness Basics

Forbes reports that workplace wellness is “a $43 billion industry, with employers tending to spend more on [it] each year.” And apparently one of the great benefits of an employee wellness program is it can lessen your company’s health insurance costs, which is certainly a welcome relief to any business.


So if your business is ready to implement a wellness program, Forbes recommends you first look into what’s known as an HRA, or health risk appraisal for your company. This will determine what kind of wellness program your business should implement. You can also make a list of what kind of wellness perks your business can offer, like a program that can help your employees quit smoking, or free gym memberships, and let your employees decide what they’d like best.


Another recommended wellness step for businesses is offering paid time off. A lot of employees will keep working themselves into the ground because they can’t afford to take time off. As one executive explains, “Providing [your employees] with paid time off will give them peace of mind and allow them to handle the specifics of their wellness-related issues without adding undue stress.”


Your business can also have yoga and meditation classes, as well as healthier food options for lunch, and this will make your business more wellness friendly overall.


Thinking Outside the Box With Employee Wellness and Mental Health

So now that you know some of the basics for employee wellness, the site Benefits Pro also has several outside the box suggestions for your company’s wellness plan. One is making your company friendly to pets.


As this report explains, “Not only do people feel better when they’re around dogs in the workplace, they also become better workers.” (And indeed, dogs have also proven to be very helpful in recovery and rehabilitation situations as well.)


Dogs are loyal, they can help teach loyalty in the workplace, and they can help improve trust and teamwork with your employees as well.


Another wellness suggestion is you can offer different types of therapy to your employees. With the rise of telehealth, you also can turn your employees on to mental health and wellness apps.


And yet another overlooked element of workplace wellness is making sure your lighting scheme is healthy. Light from computers and electronic devices can disturb your sleep patterns, and the more natural light you use in the office, the better for your employees.