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A Comprehensive List of Most Drug Addicted Cities in America

There is no single population or city that is impacted by drugs. Heroin, oxycodone, cocaine, meth, and fentanyl are causing major problems in America. Nevertheless, in Most Drug-affected Cities in America, there is a pressing need for more drug education, awareness, and Addiction Treatment programs. Even if you live in one of the Most Drug-affected Cities in America, it is still possible for you to recover from addiction. 

Substance abuse disorder kills as many as 11 Americans every single year. In 2020 alone, there were roughly 88,000 overdose deaths.i Communities are directly affected by drug use all over America, but what are the most drug addicted cities?  

More than 31 million Americans are facing addiction today.  According to American Addiction Centers, these are the most drug addicted cities in America. 

Usage of marijuana is highest in Omaha Nebraska, with more than 66% of their population using this substance. 

Phoenix, Arizona has the highest record for cocaine addiction with a percentage of 23.3 and a population of 1,563,025. 

Roughly 3.4% of Omaha Nebraska’s population is addicted to heroin. The average heroin overdose rate in America is a little more than 14,000 deaths.  

Methamphetamine use is most popular in Phoenix Arizona, with about 15% of their population addicted.  

Cities with the highest drug use and addiction rates are Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Mesa, Minneapolis, Omaha, Wichita, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Indianapolis.  

What Is Most Common Addiction in America 

Tobacco and alcohol are some of the most common addictions in our communities today.  

Tobacco has indirectly killed more than 8 million Americans, meaning that their death was related to smoking tobacco such as dying of lung cancer. Therefore, tobacco is considered the most common addiction in America.  

When you smoke tobacco and nicotine products regularly, you cut your life span by ten years. Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer as well as heart disease deaths.  

The best way to avoid these risks and potential deadly diseases for yourself and the people around you are by quitting smoking and getting treatment for the root cause of your smoking addiction.  

Alcohol is another highly common substance used by many worldwide.  

Below are some scary alcohol statistics.

  • More than half of individuals who overdose on alcohol are under 50 years old 
  • Alcohol use results in more than 2.8 million premature deaths each year  
  • About 1.4% of the world’s population had an alcohol abuse disorder 
  • Suicide idealization is 10x more likely in someone with an alcohol abuse disorder 
  • Alcohol dependence can cause more than 200 health conditions  
  • Individuals with mental health problems are at higher risk of alcohol dependency 
  • Around 414,000 adolescents have an alcohol abuse disorder 
  • Alcohol addiction kills roughly 95,000 individuals each year  
  • More than 10% of children live with someone who struggles with an alcohol use disorder 

Root Cause of Substance Abuse 

It’s extremely important to understand that addiction is a disease and substance abuse disorder is very complex. There is no one specific reason for addiction, and it’s usually caused by a variety of factors. 

Heredity is one factor of substance abuse, as well as environmental factors, trauma, PTSD, and other mental health disorders.  

Mental health is a crucial factor when talking about substance abuse. Individuals with anxiety, depression, or even bipolar disorder are twice as likely to develop a substance addiction.  

If you have a mental health disorder, you may use substances to self-medicate or to cope with the daily struggles of life. This is very common among Americans today due to the stigma related to mental health.  

Keeping yourself mentally healthy is vital but can be difficult during hard times. Here are a few tips to consider when dealing with a mental health disorder:

  1. Take care of yourself, this may look different on everyone. Do things that make you happy, such as getting outside, reading, or calling a friend.  
  2. Take care of your body by getting adequate exercise, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and avoiding substances.  
  3. Stay connected to friends and family who uplift you in times of need.  
  4. Set goals for yourself, long term goals and short-term goals but don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get to them all! 
  5. Consider mental health treatment options-there are so many options available online, you can even text some services just to vent and get things off your chest. 

Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment 

If you or a someone you know is struggling with a substance dependency, know that help is here. Valley Detox is a Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment with Trained Licensed Rehab Professionals ready to help you start your road to recovery.  

All drug treatment options available in the US for alcohol and drug abuse do their best to provide the best care, and generally have a variety of different treatment plans. 

Valley Detox is a great option for drug and alcohol abuse treatment because they accept many forms of insurance, unlike some detoxification centers. Valley Detox also provides customized detoxification programs, specialized for your needs.  

You can call Valley Detox today at 1-844-402-3505 or visit their website for more information at Valley Detox

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