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Easy Guide on How do Sober Living Homes Work in 2021

Have you or a loved one been struggled with substance abuse disorder? Maybe you are considering longer term treatment for your addiction, but don’t quite know where to start. By the end of this reading, you will have a better understanding of how sober living homes work as well as what the best sober living home is in the USA.

Sober Living is just one of the benefits to getting sober. You will engage with others who share similar struggles as you, as well as participate in therapy and support groups to stay on top of your recovery process. Stable living conditions are essential to staying sober.

Recovery may seem daunting; you may feel alone in your addiction. It’s important to know that sober living is a safe space, where you can heal and grow along with others who have struggled with a Substance Abuse Disorder.

What is Sober Living Home?

If you are considering treatment, you may want to ask yourself what is a sober living home? How do sober living homes work? What are the costs of sober living? These are all relevant questions to starting recovery.

Sober living comes after detoxification treatment and is not required but highly encouraged. You will be living with other individuals who are Recovering from Addiction as a way to support one another to stay sober. Sometimes we refer to sober living as halfway homes because they are a way to transition you back into society in a healthy way.

These sober living communities are generally multi-unit duplexes in residential areas and are most often privately owned. Sober living almost always requires that you follow a set of rules, and you will be living in a gender specific unit. Your stay at a sober living home could be up to a year, but most often residents stay for 90 days. [1]

How Deep is Drug Abuse in US and Important Statistics of it

Drug abuse directly and indirectly impacts our communities and society. In a 2020 study it was shown that 31.9 individuals older than 12 years of age have used illegal drugs within the last 30 days.[2] There are a several key statistics under the same study below:

  • More than 700,000 deaths from overdose happen every year in the US
  • 6 million people have an opioid use disorder
  • Drug abuse is more likely to affect young males
  • 47% of young people use illegal drugs before they graduate high school
  • In the last year, 53 million people used illegal drugs or abused prescription opioids

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS) conducted a study of first-time users for the most common drug addictions.[3]

SubstanceFirst Time Users
Alcohol4.9 million
Marijuana3.1 million
Pain Killers1.9 million
Tobacco1.8 million
Hallucinogens1.1 million

These statistics are scary and can have lasting impacts on us as individuals and together as a society.

How Do Sober Living Homes Work

how do sober living homes work

Sober living homes work in more ways than one, most require rules and regulations. Some sober living group rules may include:

  • Zero tolerance for any substances for you and anyone living in the home
  • Zero tolerance for violence, theft, and sex in the home
  • Follow curfew and absence policies
  • You must pay rent on time
  • You must purchase your own food
  • You must be working or going to school
  • You must attend at 12 step meetings each week
  • You are required to complete a list of chores in home

If you don’t maintain and follow these rules and regulations, you may be asked to leave sober living immediately. Leaving sober living communities before completing your time there could put you at risk for substance use.

During your stay at sober living, support groups and individualized therapy will be encouraged and oftentimes required, this is to benefit you and allow you more time to learn healthy communication, coping skills, and self-reliance.

Different Sober Living Programs

types of sober living homes

There are a generally two Types of Services in sober living houses. One being short-term living and the other, long-term living. Sober living caters to those of whom have been in long term rehab, been in prison, been homeless, or have been court ordered to attend sober living.[4]

Short Term Sober Living Facilities

When considering a sober living home, you will want to designate a length of stay. Whether it be short term, or long term, generally it’s up to you how long you decide to stay.

Short term sober living facilities are like long term sober living facilities and tend to let you choose what option you want unless you have been sent to sober living under parole where you are mandated to stay a certain length of time. Some individuals in sober living stay only a few months, while some stay for years.

There are factors that could shorten your stay in sober living such as not following the house rules, relapse, or not being able to pay your rent on time.

Short term sober living acts as a transitional period to help you get back into society and live your best life. Sometimes this means changing everything about your life, including your friends and family.

Long Term Sober Living Facilities

Long term sober living is a great option if you have had trouble staying sober in the past. The longer you stay in treatment, the better chances you have of staying off drugs.

Generally long-term sober living allows you to stay as long as you’d like, and this can create more positive benefits in your life such as:

  • Staying on top of your work and education
  • Developing healthy drug free relationships
  • Having safe and stable housing
  • Peer support outside of 12 step programs
  • A greater chance for staying in recovery

Cost of Sober Living Programs

The cost of sober living truly depends on what sober living group you are apart of. The costs may vary, but for an inexpensive sober living home the rent cost is around $100 to up to $300 per month. More expensive sober living homes can cost more than $2000 per month. [5]

Workarounds to paying for sober living may include:

  • Health insurance
  • Scholarships or grants
  • Personal savings account or 401k
  • Bank loans or credit cards
  • Borrowing from family or friends while looking for a job
  • Payment plan through the sober living home

Some sober living communities will accept insurance but if they don’t it’s important to have a good source of income. These sober living groups will allow you to come and go during the day which will give you the opportunity to work.

If you need opioid detox, painkiller detox, drug and alcohol detox, or even Residential Detox, Valley Detox Center is a great option to start with before you chose a sober living home. Valley Center accepts most insurance and their expert physicians are trained and ready to help you in your recovery.[6] You should never try to self-detox at home.

Valley Detox Center can be reached in several ways. By phone 1(844) 402 3505, by email, or by going into their office in Los Angeles, CA.





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