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A tool is only as good as whoever uses it. The net and social media can be used for good, or it can be a forum for millions of trolls to spew garbage. What people do with social media is up to them, but has social media become too toxic? It’s a question that was recently raised by Forbes in an article headlined, “Is Social Media Becoming Too Toxic?”


Social Media For Good and Bad

In today’s day and age, social media is a crucial component for marketing and getting your brand out into the world. And recently many have reached out through social media to speak about their mental health struggles. Of course, there’s a lot of garbage out there in the world of social media, and there is indeed a danger of social media becoming too toxic.

As Kalev Leetaru writes in Forbes, in the past month there have been “a growing number of journalists saying they plan to call it quits from Twitter as toxicity rises to a level even they can no longer stand amid everything from hurtful taunts about their children to outright threats of violence. Is social media simply too toxic?”


Keeping Social Media Clean and Healthy

Forbes also listed ways to keep toxicity out of your social media. This is important not just for regular everyday social media, but for business social media as well. In fact, some social media has gotten so toxic, a company that manufactures soap has called out companies like Twitter and Facebook, telling them to clean up their acts.

This is why it’s important for a company to use good taste and common sense with their social media content. This is especially important because as Tech Crunch reports, there could be a coming “tech-lash.” Some predict this could be “the year where we collectively rebuild trust back in our systems and our society.”


Being a Social Media Pro, and Keeping Your Social Media Clean

So to set a better example, and keep the world of social media clean and professional, here are some important points from AICPA:

Important points to remember include, “Always remember that you are representing your employer” or brand. “You must practice self-policing. Things that interest you personally may not be something you should share in a professional account… As social media platforms continually evolve, it becomes more important for businesses and professionals to become involved with them.”

As one source warned, social media “is a powerful tool, but one tweet, even when deleted, can undercut your message and credibility pretty quickly…“

This couldn’t be any clearer today, with so much toxic media on the net, and with so many people striking out at each other through social media. It’s important to keep your social media platforms free from toxic material and keep it professional. Self-policing is indeed a good idea (in other words, think before you post), and if everyone sets better examples through what they post through social media marketing, it will hopefully catch on throughout the net.

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